Harry & His Fish

My oldest son was getting ready to celebrate his 13th birthday. We had been spending a little more time at the beach lately, and over the past couple months, he had developed an interest in fishing. Wanting to upgrade from the small net he had been using, he asked for a fishing rod and reel … Continue reading Harry & His Fish


Grace Louise Gillespie 1904-1926

My Great-Grandpa Gillespie's youngest sibling, Grace died at the age of 21 from TB. The Newspaper described her as "Very popular among a wide circle of acquaintances for her vivacious, cheerful and friendly disposition."  Her Obituary in the Danville Commercial News for Tues, Feb 16, 1926 reads: Grace Gillespie Called By Death Passes Away At … Continue reading Grace Louise Gillespie 1904-1926

Marton Hevezi Sr. & Family

  A few years back my family got in touch with a brilliant artist, Endre Hevezi. The theory was that Endre's father and my Great-Grandfather were brothers, but It took me some time to confirm exactly how we were related. Turns out, Endre's Grandfather, Andreas and My 2nd great-grandfather, Marton Hevezi Sr. were 1/2 brothers. … Continue reading Marton Hevezi Sr. & Family

Something Old & Something New

My love of genealogy has slowly been increasing over the past couple years. It has been an incredible experience. I have discovered some pretty amazing things about my family and their story; I've been able to connect with distant family members and share photos and stories. There are items that I've had in my possession … Continue reading Something Old & Something New

Betty- On her 91st Birthday.

To me she was Grandma or Grandma "Geppy" because Gillespie was too hard to say, everyone called her Betty, but her given name was Elizabeth Rose Hevezi and she was one of my most favorite people in the whole world. Today would have been her 91st Birthday. I only had 9 short years with my … Continue reading Betty- On her 91st Birthday.

Harry & Marilyn- Happy Anniversary

Yesterday would have been my Grandparents 64th Wedding Anniversary. Harry Moehl and Marilyn Emory were married on April 12, 1953. Together, they had 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and so far, 6 great-grandchildren. They taught me a lot, and so much of who I am comes from my Grandparents. I have the BEST memories of spending … Continue reading Harry & Marilyn- Happy Anniversary

Martin Hevezi- Place of birth

My Great-Grandfather, Martin Hevezi came to the United States from Hungary on April 16, 1906. Although I can't find any passenger records for him, I was able to pull the date off his naturalization card. According to the record, his port of arrival was New York. - We have a good idea of what he … Continue reading Martin Hevezi- Place of birth

Zaddie Alice Branstetter

Zaddie Alice Branstetter was born on May 20, 1883 to Elcanah Branstetter and Marena Montgomery in St. James, Missouri.  (Zaddie standing in back) "Perfect in deportment" 1889 Zaddie married Henry Everett Emory on December 3, 1905 and three boys, Albert, Harvey and Charles. Zaddie lived in St. James her whole life and passed away on … Continue reading Zaddie Alice Branstetter

Szillagyi Family

My Hevezi/Szillagyi family is amazingly big! - Here's a bit of an explanation of where everyone falls in. I hope this helps a little. For anyone who is still living, I left off dates out of privacy and didn't add anyone from the 4th generation.    Joseph and Elizabeth Szillagyi Margaret Szillagyi(1894-1981)/Martin Hevezi Joseph Szillagyi … Continue reading Szillagyi Family

George and Margaret Steele- From Pennsylvania to Indiana

My husband I did what no one in either of our families had done in over 5 generations- We moved away from Indiana. Both our family's roots grow deep in the Hoosier state, and the romantic in me can't help to think about how the stars aligned just right for us to meet where we … Continue reading George and Margaret Steele- From Pennsylvania to Indiana